Helping you develop a final expense division

You cannot afford to miss out on Final Expense

If you are an agency, our Final Expense Division Builder is designed to help you develop an industry leading final expense life insurance division within your company. With the success others have experienced in the Senior Market, it only makes sense to diversify into the final expense market. As you will see in the plan, we have outlined the market research that supports final expense, the products needed to cover every need in the final expense market, a proven marketing strategy to help you get off to a fast start and income projections to outline the return on investment that you should be able to expect.

The Final Expense Division Builder was designed to help you begin focusing and growing your final expense business in a significant way. As with any good plan, you need to begin with the end in mind just as Stephen Covey outlined in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Thinking about the end in mind includes thinking about where would you like to see your company in a one year, three years, and five years as it relates to the final expense market. If you want to be a leader in this market, then we want to help you get there. With our knowledge and expertise in the final expense market, we have put together a powerful step-by step process that is proven to work.

In addition, member agencies of Integrity Marketing Group have exclusive access to the Legacy Safeguard sales and marketing system. By introducing Legacy Safeguard into the market, we have been able to transcend from selling just burial insurance to really helping families leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone. As a byproduct of this, we have increased our final expense sales dramatically because of the comprehensive legacy planning and end-of-life planning service your agents can offer to their clients. Our philosophy is pretty simple, the more presentations we can help an agent make will directly impact the number of sales they can close. By leading with Legacy Safeguard, agents all across the country have increased their sales because they are able to get in front of more clients and talk about the valuable benefits that Legacy Safeguard provides.

Furthermore, we have created a complete recruiting and marketing system for top tier agencies to use in marketing our products and recruit more agents than they ever thought possible. When you work with Integrity Marketing Group you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have developed a true turn-key system to help you be successful in this market, and we want to help you succeed!

Below are a few of the benefits that our Final Expense Division Builder includes:

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel (we have created the plan for you)
  • We will provide you with private-label marketing materials
  • We will provide you with extensive in-person and online training
  • We will provide you with marketer support and phone scripts to help recruit agents
  • We will have a training and webinar calendar for your organization
  • We will outline income projections for your return on investment for final expense division
  • We will support you with our expertise and knowledge all along the way
  • And, much more!

We hope that our Final Expense Division Builder will demonstrate to you how our unique philosophy and proven systems will deliver more revenue to your organization and more profit to your bottom line. Please know that we are committed to this process and will help you through all of the details when you partner with Integrity Marketing Group!