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A little inspiration can take you a long way.

Join Integrity Co-Founder & CEO Bryan W. Adams for the “Inspire” daily podcast.
Featuring experienced and talented leaders and guests from Integrity’s family of partners.

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EPISODE 95: Darin Lucas and Carl Muehlemeyer — The Best of All Worlds
Darin Lucas and Carl Muehlemeyer of Aegis Financial celebrate their new Integrity partnership and share what helps set their successful business apart.
EPISODE 94: Dan Oberlin and Dustin Oberlin — Values at the Center
Father and son Dan Oberlin and Dustin Oberlin of Oberlin Marketing reflect on the core values that have shaped and prepared them to join with Integrity.
EPISODE 93: Zac Twardowski — Never Too Soon to Succeed
Twardowski Insurance Agency President Zac Twardowski, the youngest partner in Integrity’s history, talks about how he has achieved success so quickly.
EPISODE 92: Todd Stewart — Cultural Significance
Todd Stewart, CEO of One Resource Group, shares how the strong culture he’s worked to create aligns well with Integrity’s values.
EPISODE 91: Jim Berwick and David Berwick — Brotherly Bonds
New Integrity partners Jim Berwick and David Berwick of Berwick Insurance Group detail the commitment that has helped them build a business together.
EPISODE 90: Pam Evans — Women Leading the Way
Pam Evans, President of Star Benefit Associates and a new Integrity partner, talks about the impact her all-woman team has had on Medicare insurance in Indiana.
EPISODE 89: Brian Garity — Staying True to Deep Roots
GarityAdvantage CEO Brian Garity reflects on the legacy of his family’s business in the Northeast and how partnering with Integrity will shape its future.
EPISODE 88: Ivan Vedrov — Still the Land of Opportunity
New upcoming Integrity Partner Ivan Vedrov, President of Universe Financial Insurance Services, shares how he achieved success after immigrating to the U.S.
EPISODE 87: Gaylan Hendricks and Taylor Martin — All in the Family
Industry leaders and longtime friends of Integrity Gaylan Hendricks and Taylor Martin of Senior Security Benefits celebrate joining the Integrity platform.
EPISODE 86: Michael O'Brien — Something to Prove
Michael O’Brien Insurance Agency President Michael O’Brien recalls how ignoring doubters put him on the path to his Integrity partnership.