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A little inspiration can take you a long way.

Join Integrity Co-Founder & CEO Bryan W. Adams for the “Inspire” daily podcast.
Featuring experienced and talented leaders and guests from Integrity’s family of partners.

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EPISODE 54 — Teamwork Creates Opportunities
Sean Ruggiero, President of Advanced Market Sales, discusses the power of teamwork and his excitement in joining the Integrity roster.
EPISODE 53 — Family First and Always
Ed Shackelford, Beverly Shackelford and Curt Klein of The Assurance Group talk about how closely aligned values led to their Integrity partnership.
EPISODE 52 — A Transformational Partnership
Insurance Administrative Solutions President and CEO Doug Price highlights the many synergies that partnering with Integrity will provide.
EPISODE 51 — A Career Spent Cultivating
Integrity Partner Bobby Richardson reflects on his storied career with McNerney Management Group and shares his excitement for Integrity’s new technology system.
SPECIAL EDITION — Insights & Updates
Host Bryan W. Adams offers his thoughts on the latest developments at Integrity, including the powerful new MedicareCENTER system.
EPISODE 50 — You Win by Bouncing Back
ASB Financial Founder and CEO Frank DeJiulio recounts the pivotal time when one career path abruptly ended and another one began.
EPISODE 49 — Working Together as Family
Gilliam Family
Mark and Emily Gilliam and daughters Alison and Abby Gilliam of Southern Insurance Group discuss the proud family legacy of their business.
EPISODE 48 — Inspiration When You Need It
Tyler Lainson, President of Heartland Retirement Group, recalls the invaluable advice and guidance he received early in his career.
EPISODE 47 — A Leap of Faith Worth Taking
Agent Force President John Wetmore discusses his mid-career move to the insurance business and his decision to partner with Integrity.
EPISODE 46 — Building and Protecting a Legacy
New Horizons Co-Founders Jeff Sams and John Hockaday reflect on their long partnership, families and plans for the future.