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A little inspiration can take you a long way.

Join Integrity Co-Founder & CEO Bryan W. Adams for the “Inspire” daily podcast.
Featuring experienced and talented leaders and guests from Integrity’s family of partners.

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Episode 10: Ryan Kimble - From Adversity to Opportunity
Ryan Kimble of Agent Pipeline shares additional thoughts about viewing difficult situations through an opportunistic lens.
Episode 9: Scott Riddle and Jacque Huggins - Doing it Right
Scott Riddle and Jacque Huggins
Scott Riddle and Jacque Huggins of the Scott Riddle Agency share lessons learned from their long and successful careers.
Episode 8: Ryan Kimble - Succeeding Through Change
Agent Pipeline President Ryan Kimble discusses strategies to work through changes that will inevitably arise in business.
Episode 7: Kasey Doud & Angie Steadham - Driving Success While Working Remotely
Kasey Doud & Angie Steadham
Integrity leaders Kasey Doud and Angie Steadham provide timely guidance for effective out-of-office work.
Bonus Episode: Sam Corey III - A Family Business—Now Part of a Larger Family
Sam Corey III, President of The Brokerage Resource, talks about his family’s legacy and why he’s joining the Integrity Family.
Episode 6: Dave Thomas - The Power of Advertising & Lead Generation
ThomasArts Founder and CEO Dave Thomas discusses marketing trends and how they apply to insurance distribution.
Episode 5: Shawn Meaike - The Time is NOW
Shawn Meaike, Founder of Family First Life, talks about making a commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed.
Episode 4: Mike Wingate - Relationships are King
Integrity Marketing Group Co-Founder Mike Wingate reflects on the power of strong relationships — especially in challenging times.
Episode 3: AC Chapman - Slaying Giants
Integrity Marketing Group Director of Medicare Key Accounts, Anthony “AC” Chapman talks about the lasting value of persistence.
Bonus Episode: Bryan W. Adams - Blessings

Host Bryan W. Adams offers his thoughts on prioritizing and reflecting on all the good things we have in our lives.

Episode 2: Jim Sweeney - Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Jim Sweeney, Managing Partner at American Senior Benefits, speaks from experience about the power of perseverance.
Episode 1: Bryan Adams - Welcome to “Inspire”
Host Bryan W. Adams introduces the new daily “Inspire” podcast and provides timely tips for working remotely.