An Untapped Market with Unlimited Potential

Single pay final expense is waiting to be uncovered

We believe it is important for an organization to have a great Single Pay product available. Integrity Marketing Group has worked with a large insurance carrier creating two Irrevocable Funeral Trusts to best serve client’s needs. We helped create a Funeral Expense Trust to help clients set aside funds for their funeral and help them protect their funeral funds from Medicaid Spend Down.

For clients that would like to set aside money for their funeral and additional money to be left for their beneficiaries, we helped create a Estate Planning Funeral Trust. Both Funeral Trusts are designed for the client’s funeral needs and they are very similar in their design. They are both given to your clients free of charge and your clients are never charged any Trustee or Administrative fees.

The Funeral Trusts are offered at no cost to your clients, with no trust fees, and can be used in addition to any other trust they may already have.


Funeral Trusts are a great planning strategy to help clients set aside the funds they have earmarked for their final expenses.

Most clients prepare for life’s possible events, but the majority of them don’t prepare for life’s only inevitable event – death. A recent survey found that 90% of Americans believe pre-funding their funeral is a good idea. However, client’s limited options of doing this have opened up a new line of business.

  • 90% of your clients believe pre-funding their funeral is a good idea.
  • 71% think this should be done with you, their trusted advisor.
  • 16.7 million Americans plan to pre-fund their funeral next year.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company

Working with one of America’s oldest and most successful mutual insurance companies provides agents with a guarantee issue life insurance product. Combining National Guardian Life with Legacy Safeguard service provides agents a unique and powerful marketing tool.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) Irrevocable Funeral Trusts are the final piece of the financial planning puzzle! Since 1910, National Guardian Life Insurance Company has consistently been rated one of America’s most successful independent mutual life insurance companies. While adhering to the highest standards of quality and integrity, they continually demonstrate a commitment to policy owners, their families and the communities in which they work and live. NGL’s well-designed products paired with their high quality service and dedication allow NGL to reaffirm its mission of providing financial peace of mind along with trust, value, and convenience.

Year after year, Integrity Marketing Group leads the country with NGL Funeral Trust sales, and we are excited to work with such a great company. Watch the video below to learn more about how agents can use NGL Funeral Trusts with the Legacy Safeguard sales and marketing system.