The fastest growing market in final expense

Because every agent needs a guaranteed issue product in their bag

Integrity Marketing Group’s entire distribution channel includes well over 105,000 agents, but there is one type of product that spans all of life insurance and it is called Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance is needed and has a unique place in every agent’s portfolio.

We are happy to be a leader in Guaranteed Issue, and we have exclusive products with several major name brand life insurance carriers in this market. We align ourselves with top, A-rated companies with national name brand recognition. It is one thing to roll out a Guaranteed Issue final expense product, but it is crucial to be able to price it appropriately and stay in the market. Integrity Marketing Group has strategically partnered with some of the top A-rated carriers who are some of the largest insurance carriers in the country to accomplish this.

Great Western Life Insurance Company

Great Western Insurance Company is excited to announce a new one-of-a-kind final expense solution called Guaranteed Assurance. With guaranteed Assurance everyone can qualify regardless of health issues. Premiums will never increase, benefits will never decrease and clean business is issued 100% of the time!

National Guardian Life Insurance Company

Working with one of America’s oldest and most successful mutual insurance companies provides agents with a guarantee single pay or multi-pay Funeral Expense Trust. Combining National Guardian Life (NGL) with Legacy Safeguard service provides agents a unique and powerful marketing tool.

Kemper Senior Solutions

We are very excited to partner with Kemper Senior Solutions developing a whole life insurance product that is guaranteed issue. With our major distribution and having an exclusive opportunity to market this product allows agents to fill a client’s needs who might otherwise not qualify for coverage.

Gerber Life Insurance Company

Integrity Marketing Group partners with A-rated Gerber Life Insurance who has a strong brand name recognition in the market place. The guaranteed issue product is available in almost every state and provides agents with another guaranteed issue alternative for their clients.