Christina is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Connexion Point and Managing Partner of Integrity Marketing Group.

Christina is a resilient and tenacious entrepreneur with 25 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurial success. Driving the operational teams and corporate strategy at Connexion Point, she specializes in the evolution of excellence through her outside-of-the-box approach, as well as her laser focus on operational accountability, organizational management, strong cooperative leadership and teambuilding.

Prior to co-founding Connexion Point, Christina lived and worked in four countries, including her native Canada, the United States, Mexico and Haiti, garnering her expertise in corporate communications, educational development and leadership.

Christina serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Utah Humane Society and is an avid reader, beekeeper, sports enthusiast, skier, traveler and reveler in anything outdoors.  She is committed to excellence, curiosity, challenge and exploration.

Christina holds five degrees, including a dual master’s degree in education and leadership and a graduate degree in corporate communications. Christina resides in Salt Lake City with her family.

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