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A little inspiration can take you a long way.

Join Integrity Co-Founder & CEO Bryan W. Adams for the “Inspire” daily podcast.
Featuring experienced and talented leaders and guests from Integrity’s family of partners.

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EPISODE 43 — A Virtuous Cycle of Winning
Marc Meade, President of Tri-State Financial, discusses the single-minded approach that helped him build a successful business quickly.
SPECIAL EDITION — A Dream Partnership
Andy Albright, President & CEO of The Alliance, talks about The Alliance’s industry-transforming decision to become an Integrity partner.
EPISODE 42 — Blessed with Hard Work
McNerney Management Group Founder Dan McNerney talks about the power of goals and reasons for partnering with Integrity.
EPISODE 41 — The Right Seat on the Bus
Senior Solutions Founder Ryan Schaake talks about his dad’s great example and the importance of finding the right niche in business.
EPISODE 40 — We’re Better Together
Jake Bailey, Managing Partner of Senior Insurance Brokers, recounts the support he’s enjoyed since partnering with Integrity.
EPISODE 39 — Who You Know Affects What You Know
North American Senior Benefits Co-Founder Chad Milner discusses his family’s legacy and his path into the insurance business.
SPECIAL EDITION — Integrity News and Views
Host Bryan W. Adams provides important updates about what’s happening at Integrity and shares his thoughts about Father’s Day.
EPISODE 38 — You Get What You Give
Brenda Emrick-Kennedy and John Emrick of Emrick Insurance Marketing Group relay lessons from decades in business together.
EPISODE 37 — A Phone Call Can Change Your Life
Insurance Marketing Group Founder Steven Bugg recounts two key phone calls with a special mentor who made a difference.
EPISODE 36 — Recognizing Life's Open Doors
Brad Campbell, Executive Vice President at Savers Marketing, talks about taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.