Bringing new marketing ideas to medicare

Creating value in a “Red Ocean”

Integrity Marketing Group continually works with large insurance companies to provide the most-up-to date and relevant products. Our business relationships for Medicare supplements are no exception to that.

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company

Integrity Marketing Group is excited to partner with Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, a Transamerica Company, for Medicare products. Stonebridge for over 100 years has navigated through the good times and tough times. Throughout history they have remained resilient. Agencies, agents and their clients can rely on Integrity Marketing Group and Stonebridge Medicare Supplement Plans.

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company and Integrity Marketing Group understand the senior market and are ever expanding across the country with the products necessary to be competitive within the Medicare industry.

Medicare Supplement Insurance policies issued by Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Rutland, Vermont. Policy Form Nos. MSH1A, MSH1F, MSH1G, MSH1N. This Medicare Supplement Insurance plan is not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or Federal Medicare Program.