Mel Rose is Chairman of the Board of Western Asset Protection and a Partner at Integrity Marketing Group.

After spending over 20 years as an ordained minister, Mel wanted to broaden the context of his service—expanding how he helped and inspired people. In 1998, he purchased what is now known as Western Asset Protection.

Western Asset Protection was initially focused on long-term care insurance, but recognizing they could do more and help more Americans in other ways, the team transitioned the company to Medicare products. Since then, have become recognized as a leading Arizona distributor, and are still growing nationally.

Mel’s twin children, Paul Rose and Mari Tautimes, both worked at Western Asset Protection since they were teenagers. The two have since become trusted partners in the booming family business.

The team at Western Asset Protection are what Mel is most proud of—his family, his staff and the people they serve. Making the decision to join Integrity was based on excellence and opportunity, and he is excited for the years ahead.

Mel and Mary have three children. As a family, they are avid tennis fans and Mel loves to play tennis

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